Rural Development Fundamentals On Demand Webinar
Rural Development section 515 housing and rental assistance programs are an important part of rural infrastructure, but training can be hard to get where this housing is found. To help our members operating RD housing, Rocky AHMA is happy to provide a webinar designed to better equip managers of RD housing to provide housing and remain in compliance with program provisions. Household income, asset and deduction calculation rules will be briefly reviewed, but the main focus will be on other major RD housing compliance provisions. RD has some of the most complex wait list provisions of any housing programs. Is your property in compliance with these? Which student rules now apply to RD housing? How do tax credits on a property affect how business is done? These questions and more will be discussed in this webinar.
Members: $99     Non-Members: $139

Understanding HOME Webinar
The HOME program is unique. While some of its rules sound a little like Section 8 rules and others sound a little like tax credit rules, HOME compliance works very differently from both of those programs. So whether you are dealing only with HOME or working on a project that combines HOME with tax credits or Section 8, understanding the HOME program is essential. This course covers HOME funding, Low HOME and High HOME Income limits and rents, "fixed" versus "floating" HOME units, leases, inspections, qualifying households, recertification requirements, handling over income tenants - adjusted income and rent calculations at recertification, , a review of income and assets, documenting and calculating income, ,  effects of combining LIHTC HOME on income limits, rents, compliance, noncompliance, and more.  And each session of this comprehensive two-part webinar concludes with live polls and case studies to "test your knowledge".
Members: $110          Non-Members: $149

Tax Credit Basics Webinar
This 2 hour webinar with Heather Staggs of STAR Momentum will cover the basics you need to know to qualify applicants and current residents within your community. Gain an understanding of:

  • LIHTC Compliance Requirements as They Relate to Income, Assets and Student Status
  • How to Calculate Annual Income
  • Tenant Income Certification and Recertification
  • Gross Rent
  • File Organization
  • Utility Allowances
  • Non-Transient Occupancy
  • The Next Available Unit Rule

 You will leave the webinar knowing how to ensure top-notch compliance. You will be ready to implement valuable, real-world takeaways in your everyday role as a property manager or owner.
Members: $99          Non-Members: $139

Fair Housing Basics Webinar   
This webinar includes a review of fair housing laws and regulations and explains illegal discrimination and disparate impact. The instructor will cover the seven federally protected classes and what practices are illegal including special issues with regard to familial status, national origin, and persons with disabilities. She will highlight the key differences among HUD, HOME, RD, LIHTC, and conventional properties, discuss the consequences of fair housing violations, and provide some practical strategies for staying in compliance.
Members: $99         Non-Members: $139